Series 1915 $50

Design: Grant at left, back with Panama at center and ships either side.
Previous $50 FRBN: none | Contemporary $50: 1902, 1913, 1914 | Next $50 FRBN: 1918
Contemporary FRBN: 1915: $5 | $10 | $20

The table below shows the serial number ranges produced for the notes in this series.

FRBTreasury SignaturesBank Signatures Serial Numbers
Anone printed
Bnone printed
Cnone printed
Dnone printed
Enone printed
FTeehee-Burke--- F 1 A — F 8000 A
Gnone printed
Hnone printed
Inone printed
Jnone printed
Knone printed
Lnone printed

The highlighted range was printed but, for unknown reasons, not released. Since this series had the bank signatures printed at the individual banks, rather than at the BEP, it is likely that these unissued notes never received bank signatures at all.

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