Federal Reserve Bank Officials

In 1933, an emergency issue of Federal Reserve Bank Notes (backdated Series 1929 due to the use of old printing plates) was produced, in order to quickly increase the volume of currency available to the banking system during the Depression. These notes were signed not only by the Register and Treasurer, but also by two officials of the issuing Federal Reserve Bank. The table below lists these twenty-four FRB signers and presents a specimen of each signature.

SignatureName and Position
image courtesy Peter Huntoon William Willett
Cashier, FRB of Boston
image courtesy Peter Huntoon Roy A. Young
Governor, FRB of Boston
Arthur W. Gilbart
Deputy Governor, FRB of New York
George Leslie Harrison
Governor, FRB of New York
Clarence A. McIlhenny
Cashier, FRB of Philadelphia
George Washington Norris
Governor, FRB of Philadelphia
Herman F. Strater
Cashier, FRB of Cleveland
Elvadore R. Fancher
Governor, FRB of Cleveland
George H. Keesee
Cashier, FRB of Richmond
George James Seay
Governor, FRB of Richmond
Milton W. Bell
Cashier, FRB of Atlanta
Eugene R. Black
Governor, FRB of Atlanta
Otto J. Netterstrom
Assistant Deputy Governor, FRB of Chicago
James Barton McDougal
Governor, FRB of Chicago
A. H. Haill
Controller, FRB of St. Louis
William McChesney Martin
Governor, FRB of St. Louis
Harry I. Ziemer
Cashier, FRB of Minneapolis
William Beckwith Geery
Governor, FRB of Minneapolis
James W. Helm
Cashier, FRB of Kansas City
George Henry Hamilton
Governor, FRB of Kansas City
image courtesy Peter Huntoon Fred Harris
Cashier, FRB of Dallas
image courtesy Peter Huntoon Buckner Abernathy McKinney
Governor, FRB of Dallas
William Morrell Hale
Cashier, FRB of San Francisco
John Uberto Calkins
Governor, FRB of San Francisco

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