Series 1862 $1000

Design: Robert Morris at center.
Previous $1000 USN: none | Contemporary $1000: Original | Next $1000 USN: 1863
Contemporary USN: 1862: $1 | $2 | $5 | $10 | $20 | $50 | $100 | $500

The table below shows the serial number ranges produced for the notes in this series. All notes in this series have Chittenden-Spinner signatures.

CreditSeries No.Serial Numbers
ABNnone 1 — 12000
minor changes to Treasury seal
none 12001 — 22000
obligation on back reworded
ABN-NBNNew 1 1 — 2500

The modified Treasury seal, used for the later notes, is very similar in design to the original seal used earlier. The main difference is that the original seal has a solid background behind the shield (within the circle), while the modified seal has a background of spokes behind the shield.

The second obligation, used on the New Series notes, indicates that the note is "receivable in payment of all loans made to the United States", whereas the first obligation had made the note "exchangeable for U.S. Six per cent Twenty Years Bonds".

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