Series 1953C $5

Signatures: Granahan-Dillon.
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A breakdown of this series by date of production is not presently available. According to BEP records, notes of this series were delivered to the Treasury between November 1963 and August 1964.

The table below shows the serial number ranges produced for the regular and star notes in this series. Serial numbering continues on from the last serial used for Series 1953B. All complete blocks run from 00000001 to 99999999, with the 100,000,000th note replaced by a star note. Notice that gaps of 280,000 serials occur frequently in the star notes; these are due to the print runs of mixed regular and star notes that are necessary to complete each block of regular notes (since 100,000,000 notes equals 277 7/9 print runs of 360,000 notes each).

Regular NotesStar Notes
G 450 00001 A - G 999 99999 A * 313 20001 A - * 356 40000 A
H 000 00001 A - H 356 40000 A

The highlighted ranges were printed but not released. The entire printing of this series was still in the Treasury's possession when the decision was made to discontinue the Silver Certificates altogether, so these notes were destroyed unissued (although the BEP did preserve at least one uncut sheet of star notes for exhibit purposes).

There should be a 280,000-serial gap in the numbering of the star notes in this series, corresponding to the completed block of regular notes; but I do not have information on where this gap falls.

Series statistics (explanation)

 NotesBlocks Cplx.
Regular90,640,000 222252
Star4,040,000 11212
Totals incl. stars: 334264
Star rate:4.46%

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