Printer-Friendly Files

In case you'd rather have your currency data in paper form....

Serial number and group lists

This file contains basically the same data as the group lists for Series 1935D through 2009, with the addition of more footnotes and statistics taken from the serialling pages for each individual series and denomination. (A tip of the hat is due to the old O'Donnell Standard Handbook of Modern U.S. Paper Money, whose general format I've more or less followed here. That book's last edition, in 1982, was the last time most of the serialling data was published at this level of detail.)

Block checklists

This file contains printable block checklists for all $1 and $2 FRNs through Series 2013. It may be expanded to include other denominations at some future point.

Open questions in the serialling data

This file is just a short list of serial ranges that are in doubt for one reason or another, where it'd be good to have confirmation that certain notes really do exist. At the moment, the list covers only the 18-, 32-, and 50-subject printings (Series 1935D to present). Print it out, check your collection against it, carry it to shows...and if you find any of these notes, please let me know!

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