Original BEP Monthly Reports

These .zip files contain scans of the BEP's original monthly reports of currency production from August 1976 through November 2002 (missing a few months prior to 1981). Reports from October 2002 to date are available at the BEP website. No copies of reports prior to August 1976 are known.

The quality of the reports is not excellent; they contain many typographical errors as well as some more serious reporting errors and omissions. Some of these errors were corrected by the BEP itself (and those corrected reports are included in these files, along with the original versions), but many others were not. When the monthly reports conflict with the serial-number data found elsewhere on this site, and in various modern reference books, this generally indicates that corrections have been made because observed serial numbers failed to match the production reported by the BEP. In other words, these monthly reports are mostly of historical interest, and should probably not be used as a first reference on currency production data.

Thanks are due to Doug Murray for providing the 1981-2002 reports, and to Michele Orzano at Coin World for locating and copying the 1976-1980 reports.

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